Meaning of seedling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːdlɪŋ/

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  • A young plant, especially one raised from seed and not from a cutting.

    ‘Plant a seedling next to each stake, and as the seedlings grow, coax them up the twine.’
    • ‘If the rains are too hard, young plants and seedlings can be washed away.’
    • ‘Therefore, it is believed that seeds or young seedlings may be less stress tolerant than adults.’
    • ‘Any seedling or plant two to eight inches tall can be successfully transplanted.’
    • ‘Similarly, it is always best to use new potting compost when sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings.’
    • ‘Seeds were germinated and seedlings were hydroponically grown as previously described.’
    • ‘Low activity for both promoters was also observed in the early stages of seed germination and in young seedlings.’
    • ‘Men prepare the land for planting and sow seeds, and women transplant rice seedlings.’
    • ‘In addition, winter annuals can usually be vernalized either as seeds or as seedlings.’
    • ‘A few attempts were made to plant seedlings in the early years but these failed.’
    • ‘Browsing is an important mortality factor in seedlings and small plants.’
    • ‘Hot life seedlings are planted approximately two days after they leave the nursery.’
    • ‘Their degradation happens only after a long period of rest when seeds germinate and seedlings start to grow.’
    • ‘Foresters plant seedlings that were grown in the nursery for a complete growing year.’
    • ‘The farmers who needed the water decided to plant seedlings on the slopes above the spring.’
    • ‘As well as that he has other papaya seedlings ready to plant out when the others are finished.’
    • ‘Leaves with the whole sheath attached were detached from the plant seedlings.’
    • ‘In a second experiment, intact seedlings were raised and treated as described above.’
    • ‘I wanted to plant out my lettuce seedlings, since they were too large to continue indoors.’
    • ‘Older plants exposed to cold stress showed damage quicker than the young seedlings.’