Meaning of seeing eye in English:

seeing eye

Pronunciation /ˌsiːɪŋ ˈʌɪ/


  • 1An eye (with reference to its ability to see); a functioning eye, especially as opposed to one that is blind or has impaired vision.

  • 2In singular and (occasionally) in plural. An ability to see things clearly, especially more clearly than most people; the quality of being observant, perceptive, or insightful.

    Sometimes as part of an extended metaphor, especially with reference to Proverbs 20:12 ‘The hearing eare, and the seeing eye, the Lord hath made euen both of them’.


  • 1US Designating a dog trained to help blind and visually impaired people move around safely, by guiding them around obstacles and through crowds, negotiating traffic, etc. Frequently in "seeing-eye dog".

    The organization The Seeing Eye, which breeds and trains puppies to become guide dogs, was established in 1929. In the United States Seeing Eye is a trademark for guide dogs.

  • 2Baseball
    Designating a ball hit into the field which eludes fielders as if it can see them; of or relating to such balls.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in The Wycliffite Bible (early version). From seeing + eye.