Meaning of seeing is believing in English:

seeing is believing

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  • You need to see something before you can accept that it really exists or occurs.

    ‘There were some people who had given up on it, but now seeing is believing.’
    • ‘I've seen the newspaper story and photo and seeing is believing.’
    • ‘If seeing is believing, this one sure did prove the line right.’
    • ‘I guess it sort of means that seeing is believing and this is the safest option for a lot of people who don't quite ‘get’ faith.’
    • ‘Well, seeing is believing and one only hopes it will be worth the wait.’
    • ‘If seeing is believing, the army's video of the event might have settled the debate.’
    • ‘If seeing is believing, the genuine road user today has to be content with very little space on city roads.’
    • ‘If seeing is believing, we give you a sample of the buffet spread on Friday night.’
    • ‘We want them to see because we're foolish enough to think that seeing is believing.’
    • ‘There would be two possible criticisms of someone who claims that (for example) seeing is believing.’