Meaning of seeker in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːkə/

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  • A person who is attempting to find or obtain something.

    ‘a tireless seeker of justice’
    • ‘he's a shameless publicity seeker’
    • ‘he really is a principled seeker after truth’
    • ‘He found a city bristling with the tents of fortune seekers on their way to the gold diggings.’
    • ‘His incantations took the spoken form of the seeker, revealing with instantaneous reaches forward the voices in him.’
    • ‘On that February night, about 2,700 curiosity seekers went there to witness the start of an experiment.’
    • ‘Supplement seekers will be disappointed with the sparse choices here.’
    • ‘Mutants are treated like asylum seekers in this movie.’
    • ‘He is rendering free service to the seekers of knowledge.’
    • ‘He tells his son, "We are seekers of holy places."’
    • ‘I am a seeker of adventure through the undiscovered country of my subconscious.’
    • ‘This is their latest incarnation for seekers of advice on e-business.’
    • ‘He is by nature a conciliator and seeker of consensus.’