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Pronunciation /ˈsiːmli/

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adjectiveadjective seemlier, adjective seemliest

  • Conforming to accepted notions of propriety or good taste; decorous.

    ‘I felt it was not seemly to observe too closely’
    • ‘For most practical purposes the exclusion is one of form, not substance, and is based on local cultural notions of what is seemly.’
    • ‘The Marriage Act of 1995 extended the range of places which could be licensed for the conduct of marriage to any location which was appropriately seemly and dignified.’
    • ‘In other words, didn't our notions of professional loyalty suggest a seemly bit of time between service to a president and exposure of his flaws?’
    • ‘Also, my tenants have sometimes been trying to push their bikes through the front door and have met old ladies going out the other way, which is viewed as not quite seemly.’
    • ‘Because of this, it isn't thought seemly for someone over a certain age to pass judgment on any scene that wasn't created for them.’
    • ‘My departure was seemly enough, but I must admit it wasn't well thought out.’
    • ‘They've won accolades for their educational booklets, and produced a video and pamphlets for clients as well, guiding them through safe and seemly behaviour.’
    • ‘Is it a good and seemly thing for them to be having this debate on religion in the committee?’
    • ‘She didn't let them get away with much and would even send them home to change if they showed up in shorts that were too short to her eye or tops that revealed a bit more than was seemly.’
    • ‘The show is about voyeurism, but let's keep it seemly.’
    • ‘This is a genuinely and proudly democratic country, and the people want to see their rulers behaving responsibly and in a seemly fashion.’
    • ‘It can allow one person to contribute a larger share of the ideas than would be seemly in conversation.’
    • ‘Several elements contribute to making this meal such a seemly expression of affection.’
    • ‘He probably lived with his mother for two years more than was seemly.’
    • ‘The big question for us was when it would be seemly to be out again.’
    • ‘There was an epidemic when I was at university and as I think about it, the young folk still seem to indulge more than is seemly if you ask me.’
    • ‘This is better and more seemly as regards the consequences.’
    • ‘As soon as she judged it seemly, she went to him - but here he was, coming to her.’
    • ‘It must be conducted in a seemly way and, so far as I am concerned, it has been.’
    • ‘Since I was a girl, it was more seemly to carry the swords on my back, and I was only happy to comply.’
    decorous, proper, decent, becoming, fitting, suitable, appropriate, apt, apposite, meet, in good taste, genteel, polite, conventional, the done thing, right, correct, acceptable
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Middle English from Old Norse sœmiligr, from soemr ‘fitting’ (see seem).