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mass noun
  • 1Division into separate parts or sections.

    ‘the segmentation of society means that often we don't have arguments across the political divide’
    • ‘segmentation of the road network’
    • ‘There have been many approaches to lifestyle segmentation.’
    • ‘Age alone is not usually a good basis for market segmentation.’
    • ‘Local newspapers offer a much greater degree of geographical segmentation than is possible with national titles.’
    • ‘Segmentation is fundamental to pricing in a competitive market.’
    • ‘The purpose of segmentation is to identify groups of buyers who respond in a similar way to any given marketing stimuli.’
    • ‘Geographical segmentation in Asia-Pacific reveals the existence of a wide diversity among consumers within the same country.’
    • ‘These days, there's no shortage of segmentation when it comes to parsing the vote.’
    • ‘The trend is to more segmentation and offerings to special audiences.’
    • ‘Concentrating power in the hands of an elite is further augmenting social segmentation.’
    • ‘This has helped to preserve the pre-eminence of national interests in the policy process on agricultural matters, with its characteristic segmentation.’
    1. 1.1Embryology Division of a cell; cleavage.
      ‘segmentation of myocardial cells’
      • ‘The cuticles show different alterations of segmentation with a stronger effect on late-stage embryos.’
      • ‘Alteration of the segmentation varies from strong gap fusion to weaker abdominal fusion.’
      • ‘This suggests an effect on early segmentation.’
      • ‘Segmentation affects both external and internal structure.’
      • ‘Although involved in segmentation, it seems to be a secondary messenger.’
      • ‘Pair rule, polarity, and gap genes are present, but they seem to have little or no role in segmentation.’
      • ‘She noted a lack of segmentation in the developing nerve cord.’
      • ‘Recent studies on how developmental mechanisms have evolved provide new ways to examine segmentation.’
      • ‘These genetic techniques will clarify the evolutionary and phylogenetic importance of segmentation in metazoan evolution.’
      • ‘Segmentation of the RNA genome is a feature shared by a variety of animal, plant, and bacterial viruses.’



/ˌsɛɡmənˈteɪʃn/ /ˌsɛɡmɛnˈteɪʃn/