Meaning of segmented in English:



  • 1Consisting of or divided into segments.

    ‘segmented labour markets’
    • ‘Devalorization of cultural capital caused by this disparity in salaries in a segmented labor market unsettled the positive correlation that existed between cultural capital and income and engendered a status reversal.’
    • ‘In the 1970s and 1980s, considerable work was done on modifying human capital theory to take account of dual or segmented labour markets.’
    • ‘An understanding of internal and segmented labor markets helps explain variations in the social composition of the armed forces.’
    • ‘Think of the segmented circle as being divided at its equator into two opposite-facing bowls.’
    • ‘The women in this age group (one increasingly finds out firsthand) are among the most highly prized guinea pigs of the segmented market of over-the-counter beauty products.’
    • ‘However, someday when the Internet becomes a daily necessity, as in developed countries, virtual communities can be used maximally to target a segmented market.’
    • ‘What we are likely to see is a wider variety of handsets built to address an increasingly segmented market.’
    • ‘Newcomers see a chance to win the race for advertising revenue, or at least secure a viable segmented market.’
    • ‘Despite the worst slowdown in the retail sector since the early 1990s, a raft of teen retailers are branching out into ever smaller slices of the highly segmented youth market.’
    • ‘The segmented market hypothesis explains the yield curve's shape in terms of relative supply and demand for securities at different maturities.’
    • ‘Even in an increasingly segmented market, the traditional methods of advertising are still an effective way to reach the older consumer.’
    • ‘Investors will need to be nimble in 2005, moving into segmented markets.’
    • ‘In a segmented radio market, there are indications that there is a substantial country music constituency in Dublin.’
    • ‘It's wrong because people live messy lives, which don't fit neatly into the segmented programs of well-intentioned officials.’
    • ‘During this period the system of highly segmented and competitive clan politics was superseded, suppressed, and in abeyance.’
    • ‘In this way, the physical gulfs of a segmented democracy reinforce the empathy gulfs already discussed.’
    • ‘The New York art scene, as Scott sees it, consists of segmented art communities.’
    • ‘The drawing room marries a huge, oxblood marble fireplace with an elaborate segmented plaster ceiling.’
    • ‘They could do segmented marketing because the lifestyle groups they're going after are deposited in high concentrations in certain parts of the country.’
    • ‘This is why segmented database marketing is the most effective, because you can speak specifically to each segment's needs and desires.’
    hinged, jointed, segmented
    1. 1.1Zoology (of an animal's body or appendage) formed of a longitudinal series of similar parts.
      ‘its body is clearly segmented’
      • ‘the segmented worm’
      • ‘The crustaceans are a class of the phylum Arthropoda, a large and important phylum that includes animals with a segmented body, hard exoskeleton, and many jointed legs.’
      • ‘Arthropods are bilaterally symmetrical protostomes with strongly segmented bodies.’
      • ‘These species are notable for the plesiomorphic retention of venation (albeit already quite reduced) in their tegmina, segmented cerci, and pentamerous tarsi.’
      • ‘They have segmented bodies, antennae, eyes, and legs that enable them to feel, see, and move about in nearly every kind of terrestrial environment, from high mountain peaks to sandy shores of tropical beaches.’
      • ‘Annelids can be told by their segmented bodies.’



/ˈsɛɡm(ə)ntɪd/ /sɛɡˈmɛntɪd/