Meaning of seismic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪzmɪk/

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  • 1Relating to earthquakes or other vibrations of the earth and its crust.

    ‘after a few days of seismic activity the volcanic eruption started’
    • ‘Area vulcanologists said seismic activity remained at stable, non-threatening levels.’
    • ‘There were also seismic activity earthquakes in central California.’
    • ‘The Government has already identified areas that are vulnerable to earthquake based on seismic activity.’
    • ‘It also became apparent that the ridges are prime sites of seismic activity and basaltic eruption.’
    • ‘In 1994, Tolstoy and her team deployed equipment on the ocean floor to record both seismic activity and tides.’
    • ‘The analysis concerns the seismic activity occurring during 1874-1913.’
    • ‘Tedesco said the researchers' major concern is possible seismic activity under Lake Kivu.’
    • ‘We considered as positively correlated only those values clearly showing a marked deviation from the average seismic activity.’
    • ‘The Earth's core is releasing a great deal of energy and it explains the weather patterns, the increase of seismic activity and volcanism.’
    • ‘Scientists said they believe the seismic activity is being caused by pressure from a reservoir of molten rock a little more than a mile below the crater.’
    • ‘The earthquakes indicate releases of seismic energy and magma movement.’
    • ‘The region experiences a high rate of seismic activity, making it susceptible to earthquake damage.’
    • ‘The center said there were 43 mudslides, most of them located in Nantou County, where the seismic activity has made the county prone to mudflows.’
    • ‘One boon was a new awareness of the extent to which seismic activity affects Yellowstone's geothermal features.’
    • ‘Unpredicted pestilence, volcanic and seismic activity uprooted peoples from their established communities, forcing them to travel through uncharted territories.’
    • ‘The Indonesian archipelago sits on the Pacific Rim of Fire, noted for its volcanic and seismic activity.’
    • ‘The seismic activity on the volcano is not changing at all while these emissions are taking place.’
    • ‘Scientists currently are monitoring the seismic activity, as well as volcanic gasses being emitted and the swelling and contracting of the volcanic dome.’
    • ‘Through measuring seismic activity, these scientists expect to predict an approaching eruption months in advance.’
    • ‘Intermediate and long-term predictions on timescales of between 1 and 100 years are generally based on past records of seismic activity.’
    1. 1.1Relating to or denoting geological surveying methods involving vibrations produced artificially by explosions.
      ‘seismic data show the deep structure of rift systems’
      • ‘Someone had to man the rigs and further seismic surveying would be based at a nearby port.’
      • ‘Problems often occur with seismic surveying at sea, such as battery power that is sapped after a few months and release mechanisms that do not perform correctly.’
      • ‘Before the wells were dug, surveys and seismic testing had to be undertaken using sonar equipment, to find the best site for digging.’
      • ‘In spite of these reservations, the implications of applying the structural method to the seismic data are investigated in the following section.’
      • ‘The petroleum industry in particular invested heavily in these advances, being largely concerned with seismic surveying.’
      • ‘The best way to reduce the risk to marine life posed by seismic testing is to avoid conducting such surveys in rich environments, the biologist concluded.’
      • ‘The method can be used for large-scale seismic data transmission.’
      • ‘The fishermen also blame the seismic work of oil companies, setting off explosions on the sea floor which may be responsible for killing many of the cod fry.’
      • ‘Thus, recognition and mapping of the Hardangerfjord Shear Zone in the North Sea requires deep seismic data.’
      • ‘By the 1980s, many other countries were funding the collection of deep seismic reflection data for academic research.’
      • ‘Deep seismic profiles show marked changes in structure along the orogen.’
      • ‘Evaluation of the new seismic data from Bulgaria had yielded very interesting results, he said.’
      • ‘Seismology tells us only about physical properties such as seismic velocity, attenuation, and, more indirectly, temperature.’
      • ‘Others say that the squid deaths have been caused by underwater seismic surveys using air guns.’
      • ‘From our new seismic dataset, we verify this crustal pattern.’
    2. 1.2Of enormous proportions or effect.
      ‘there are seismic pressures threatening American society’
      • ‘Barring an event of seismic proportions, the ruling party's candidate will be Namibia's President-elect.’
      • ‘It is a reminder that travel can have a seismic effect, either on the travellers and their homeland or the places visited.’
      • ‘For this to happen it will take a cultural change of seismic proportions.’
      • ‘Reading some of the editorials you would think it was an event of seismic proportions.’
      • ‘Cramer believes that US broadcasting underwent a seismic shift on September 11 last year.’


Mid 19th century from Greek seismos ‘earthquake’ (from seien ‘to shake’) + -ic.