Meaning of seismic reflection in English:

seismic reflection


mass nounGeology
  • The reflection of elastic waves at boundaries between different rock formations, especially as a technique for prospecting or research.

    ‘The upcoming experiment will be conducted using both seismic reflection and refraction techniques to probe deep within the subduction zone.’
    • ‘The geometrical relationships within and between depositional sequences are observable from geophysical data, particularly seismic reflection profiles, which represent an acoustic image through a rock sequence.’
    • ‘In contrast, the overwhelmingly clastic Palaeozoic section is largely unreflective and seismic reflection interpretation of Palaeozoic horizons is highly speculative in many areas.’
    • ‘Bransfield Strait is presently undergoing extension based on high heat flow, active volcanoes and seismic reflection work.’
    • ‘It is commonly displayed in seismic reflection data as a low-frequency, high-amplitude double reflection.’
    • ‘The simplest and most prevalent stratigraphic sections consist of images of impedance contrasts detected by seismic reflection.’