Meaning of seize the day in English:

seize the day


  • Make the most of the present moment.

    ‘Carpe diem - seize the day - became my unspoken motto.’
    • ‘They wanted me to seize the day and live the moment and not play by the rules.’
    • ‘It is all about application and seizing the day.’
    • ‘Rather than being bold and seizing the day, we became mired in self-flagellation and uncertainty.’
    • ‘For now, though, the self-styled rebels have seized the day, bulldozing over their quieter, more process-oriented neighbors like a defiant road in the wilderness.’
    • ‘It may turn out that while the big domestic banks are focused on foreign competitors, smaller domestic rivals combining Western best-practices and an intimate understanding of the local market will seize the day.’
    • ‘However, it does reveal the underlying mindset that allowed these budding war criminals to seize the day without any obvious conscience.’
    • ‘They, and the President who leads them, are determined to seize the day.’
    • ‘In doing so, we need to decisively seize the day, and broaden the agenda.’
    • ‘David Murphy is one who believes that they have to seize the day.’


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