Meaning of selectively in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈlɛktɪvli/

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  • In a way that involves the selection of only particular people or things.

    ‘clothes are selectively chosen for quality’
    • ‘he accused state officials of selectively enforcing the law’
    • ‘the book needs to be read selectively’
    • ‘The focus in different parts of the image can be selectively adjusted.’
    • ‘To best suit the cello, he has selectively added or omitted material from the violin edition.’
    • ‘He has selectively eliminated shadows, or has adjusted their angles to align them with significant points in the composition.’
    • ‘They've selectively bred a rainbow of carrots—purple, red, yellow, even white.’
    • ‘Once you buy the modules, their tools can be displayed together—or selectively hidden—in one workspace.’
    • ‘Some speculate that libraries may become small-scale publishers by selectively transferring the flow of electronic information into print.’
    • ‘The risk-averse farmer selectively adopts technology that ensures positive net expected marginal benefits.’
    • ‘The fictional world only selectively represents the real world, making the themes about open issues particularly salient.’
    • ‘Arte Povera's prehistory is thoroughly chronicled in the catalogue but only selectively represented in the exhibition.’
    • ‘The various statements were at complete loggerheads, spun perfectly and selectively by organisations in damage-control mode.’