Meaning of selenodont in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈliːnə(ʊ)dɒnt/


  • 1Zoology
    (of molar teeth) having crescent-shaped ridges on the grinding surfaces, characteristic of ruminant mammals.

    ‘Correlated with this diet is the evolution of selenodont molar teeth - teeth with crescent-shaped ridges - for more efficient grinding of plants, as seen in this picture of Eocene artiodactyl teeth.’
    • ‘In selenodont molars, the enamel ridges form characteristic crescent shapes.’
    • ‘The molars of macropodids are hypsodont, quadritubercular, and either selenodont or lophodont or a combination of the two forms.’
    • ‘That price is the very absence of the selenodont specializations, the most obvious of which is foregut fermentation.’
    • ‘Cheek teeth are bunodont in some forms, but more commonly selenodont.’
    1. 1.1(of a ruminant mammal) having selenodont teeth.


Late 19th century from seleno-‘moon-shaped’ + Greek odous, odont- ‘tooth’.