Meaning of self-abnegating in English:



  • Renouncing or rejecting one's own interests or needs.

    ‘a loving and self-abnegating mother’
    • ‘Matched with such a brilliant, but by no means self-abnegating husband, she might have been in danger of living in his shadow.’
    • ‘Sadistic, hurtful, and jealous, she refuses the self-abnegating role, demanding her own life.’
    • ‘The authors show the emotional and psychic struggles of the protagonists as they negotiate between the values of capitalist America and the self-sacrificing and self-abnegating attitudes of Filipino immigrants.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back in the 21st century, the self-abnegating Maud and Roland are engaged in a tentative mating dance.’
    • ‘She would not patronize organizations that promoted issues she did not support, but her generous, self-abnegating soul endeared her to the many women's clubs she did support.’
    • ‘There was a mass hunger for a public style that was understated, self-abnegating, modest and spare.’
    • ‘The Mother is either idealized, as in the myths of the nurturing, ever-present but self-abnegating figure, or disparaged, as in the corollary myth of the sadistic, neglectful Mother who puts her needs first.’
    • ‘Alice gave up her next twenty years in the self-abnegating spirit that was always characteristic of her.’
    • ‘It's great to see the self-abnegating Cathy acquire self-confidence, but it's a shame she isn't given a bit more justification for that confidence.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, books such as The Rules, which outlined a rigorous and often self-abnegating plan for modern dating, represented a well-intentioned, if doomed, attempt to revive the old courting boundaries.’
    • ‘For a species which climbed to the top of the food chain by dint of its willingness to experiment, this is an astonishingly self-abnegating philosophy, and one which flies in the face of everything we know about human experience.’
    austere, self-denying, abstinent, abstemious, non-indulgent, self-disciplined, frugal, simple, rigorous, strict, severe, hair-shirt, spartan, monastic, monkish, monklike, nunlike