Meaning of self-acknowledged in English:



  • Recognizing oneself as having certain characteristics.

    ‘a self-acknowledged control freak’
    ‘his self-acknowledged eccentricities’
    • ‘A self-acknowledged workaholic, Ackroyd is a bookworm's bookworm, whose imaginary worlds radiate out from the British Library.’
    • ‘With their self-acknowledged inability to perform due to a lack of government funding, these once-respected institutions are looking decidedly worn.’
    • ‘His upbringing has caused Jeffrey to question his purpose, leading to his self-acknowledged troubles in putting trust in other people.’
    • ‘Due to a self-acknowledged lack of prowess, he prefers to confine his love of rugby, football and cricket to being a spectator!’
    • ‘Mark Twain, the great American writer, was an agnostic and a self-acknowledged skeptic.’
    • ‘We have plenty of self-acknowledged political playwrights today, yet not many of them write penetratingly or with confidence about money.’
    • ‘He is a self-acknowledged fan of the Financial Times.’
    • ‘As a self-acknowledged amateur historian, Knell sometimes gets his facts wrong.’
    • ‘Brock was a self-acknowledged journalistic butcher who plied his falsehood-filled trade at the Heritage Foundation, The Washington Times and The American Spectator.’
    • ‘He was a self-acknowledged member of the republican movement up to the recent past.’
    declared, self-acknowledged, self-confessed, confessed, sworn, avowed, confirmed, certified