Meaning of self-actualization in English:




(also British self-actualisation)
mass noun
  • The realization or fulfilment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

    ‘Theoretically, well being is defined as maximum use of one's talents toward self-actualization within one's potential.’
    • ‘A contrary view is that retirement is a well-earned reward after years of hard work, a so-called ‘third age’ where fulfillment, self-actualisation and leisure are paramount.’
    • ‘How does one measure the degree of unconscious conflict or self-actualization?’
    • ‘According to Fischoff, this approach draws from humanistic psychology, with its emphasis on self-actualization and personal growth.’
    • ‘They value authenticity and self-actualization.’
    • ‘The key to self-actualization, though, is that it specifically involves the striving towards the development of oneself as a unique individual.’
    • ‘An independent self emphasizes values such as self-reliance, individual rights, and self-actualization.’
    • ‘In schools, they can encourage students to identify factors that promote alienation rather than self-actualization.’
    • ‘This gets them closer to self-actualization, in Jung's sense.’
    • ‘Psychologist Abraham Maslow identified self-actualization as the highest need in the hierarchy of human needs.’
    • ‘Lastly, candidates should have a rich inner life, a capacity for self-actualization, and good interpersonal communication skills.’
    • ‘Women under oppressive family conditions cannot fully realize their potential and experience self-actualization.’
    • ‘Such developments place children at risk in a culture that already is dominated by the values of adult fulfillment and self-actualization.’
    • ‘The clause is describing an important step in bringing the process of self-actualization to fruition.’
    • ‘On the active side, self-actualization can result in either sin or creativity.’
    • ‘That form of self-actualization often ushered in a frightful realization that some of us weren't adjusting as well as others.’
    • ‘Whether driven by economic necessity or self-actualization great satisfaction is derived from production.’
    • ‘Even the realization of self or enlightenment is merely the process of self-actualization for some of us.’
    • ‘Being near someone with this trait gives others hope and determination to achieve their own self-actualization.’
    • ‘You'll never achieve self-actualization unless you set some concrete goals for yourself.’