Meaning of self-affirmation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfafəˈmeɪʃn/


mass noun
  • The recognition and assertion of the existence and value of one's individual self.

    ‘Identifying the problem is usually achieved through careful self-examination, often combining meditation and self-affirmation.’
    • ‘Through the discovery of an inner capacity ‘to survive and grow in the new environment’, one may find a greater independence and confidence and thus gain a more fulfilling self-affirmation and realization.’
    • ‘Here, one affirms what is one's own through self-affirmation, consideration of legitimate alternatives and the experience of doubt.’
    • ‘Lately I have been quite involved in developing and delivering sessions on self-affirmation and auto-suggestion.’
    • ‘So long as we meditate and win new insights, it will always be simpler to recognize that all desire for self-affirmation, all aggression, all claims for power, all wanting to have and be are intertwined with conflict.’
    • ‘Rather, through their precocious insight they anticipate the resistance strategies and forms of collective self-affirmation that will be essential to the survival of community.’
    • ‘In the sea, Antoine's footsteps are erased suggesting a new beginning of self-affirmation.’
    • ‘The need to share children's perceptions of their identities is vital because, as Freire reminds us, at no time can there be a struggle for liberation and self-affirmation without the formation of an identity.’
    • ‘The main goal should always be persuasion, not ideological self-affirmation.’
    • ‘Even the bus riders, who might seem to be detached observers, adopt an identity in that activity and find ways for self-affirmation, a process furthered by their interaction at the road's rest stops.’
    • ‘Where the elites and middle classes are dominated by capitalist thought and activity, the indigenous people, who are at the forefront of movements of self-affirmation, favor socialist reforms.’
    • ‘Toward this end, the church gives of itself completely, and in this humble self-giving discovers its true self-affirmation.’
    • ‘The mothers play major roles in the daughters' lives and growth, a role that provides the daughters with models for self-affirmation.’
    • ‘For the latter, ancestral references to African art signaled self-affirmation and a connection to the motherland.’
    • ‘The video reinforces her self-affirmation by never quite showing the so-sorely missed lover's face.’
    • ‘The poem ends up bending more toward redundant self-affirmation and further away from the epidemic.’
    • ‘They continually failed in their efforts at self-affirmation in a modernizing world.’
    • ‘Instead, he told me it served me right for looking to a place like that for self-affirmation.’