Meaning of self-balancing in English:



  • 1(of a system) capable of achieving equilibrium or equality of its elements by processes inherent within it.

    ‘society is postulated as a self-balancing system based on consensus’
    • ‘Any comprehensive, self-contained, self-balancing system has so many possible interactions that it is difficult to fully describe them.’
    • ‘It has convincingly been argued that Bismarck destroyed the open self-balancing Vienna system by his obsessional creation of tight alliances to protect the newly unified Germany.’
    • ‘Multi-player games tend to be self-balancing to a degree - if one player is winning then the other players will shift their attentions to this leader to pull him or her back.’
    1. 1.1(of an account record) having the debit side equal to the credit side.


mass noun
  • The process by which a system achieves and maintains a steady state by internal forces.

    • ‘the way our hormones change over our lives should be a natural process of self-balancing’