Meaning of self-build in English:




British mass noun, often as modifier
  • The building of homes by their owners.

    ‘self-build schemes’
    • ‘self-build is the cheapest way to get a home to your specification’
    • ‘Finance is also becoming easier, with many high street building societies offering self-build mortgages.’
    • ‘The Ecology Building Society specialises in mortgages for conversions, renovations and ecological self-build projects.’
    • ‘Jordan says this self-build scheme may be replicated elsewhere by the company, but only on developments of a similar size.’
    • ‘It also supplies products direct to the public for self-build projects, including floors and doors.’
    • ‘The move towards self-build homes is not the only trend which is forcing builders to adapt the way they operate.’
    • ‘The thirteen houses on Walter's Way, built from 1977 onwards, form part of the earliest low-cost housing self-build project in the country.’
    • ‘The self-build project will help people with limited money to get on to the property ladder as the cost of a house in the scheme is approximately half the price of a similar house on the market.’
    • ‘Scottish Building, the industry federation, said that while self-build has been growing in popularity for some years, the serial self-builders are dramatically on the rise, and cashing in on huge profits.’
    • ‘For instance, the whole logic of repair and recycling at the heart of some of the experiments in urban redesign and self-build housing discussed below are internally sustainable.’
    • ‘He stayed at a local pub for a weekend and wandered around, taking in the area and examining the house, reading up on self-build projects before drawing up his own set of sample plans.’
    • ‘The cost of buying a house may be one reason about 20,000 people get self-build mortgages each year.’
    • ‘Often, the most difficult part of anybody's self-build is finding the plot.’
    • ‘If you're an interiors, gardening, self-build or DIY enthusiast, a visit to the Our House Exhibition next weekend could prove to be time well spent.’
    • ‘She said the village could build a smaller hall on the Grove Farm site on a self-build basis.’
    • ‘Although a self-build project can be frustrating and messy, if the job is completed on time, and on budget, the decision to build from scratch can make a lot of financial sense.’
    • ‘In theory, doing a lot of work yourself on a self-build project does cut the budget.’
    • ‘The grant will also be paid where a contract to purchase or a contract to build has been signed or, in the case of a self-build house, where the foundations have been poured.’
    • ‘The company also provides assistance to clients who have a self-build project in mind.’
    do-it-yourself, DIY, self-build
    flat-pack, in kit form, kit, do-it-yourself, DIY, self-build