Meaning of self-confessed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfkənˈfɛst/

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  • Having openly admitted to being a person with certain characteristics.

    ‘a self-confessed chocoholic’
    • ‘The self-confessed drug addict admitted possessing heroin with intent, but claimed that he was only looking after it for another person.’
    • ‘What better job for a self-confessed chocoholic than making chocolates?’
    • ‘He is a self-confessed loner with, he admits, a strong streak of indiscipline.’
    • ‘One of modern art's most fascinating figures, Salvador Dali was a self-confessed genius who took surrealism to startling extremes.’
    • ‘As a self-confessed, semi-anti-social loner, this sounds like heaven.’
    • ‘A self-confessed lover of all things British, Rose has already spent a year living in Bath after her degree where she worked in a stained glass art shop.’
    • ‘Volunteers at the charity are self-confessed scavengers, regularly on the prowl for offcuts no longer needed by factories and offices.’
    • ‘In 1997, the self-confessed computer nerd began sending copies of video recordings of each of his games to a Los Angeles company.’
    • ‘The self-confessed music lover, who has been studying it formally since he was a teenager, cannot sing enough about love.’
    • ‘A self-confessed participator as opposed to spectator, I vowed to stop watching in awe and find out if it really is as easy as it looks on the TV.’
    • ‘A self-confessed thrill seeker, the 35-year-old's latest penchant is motor racing.’
    • ‘Of the first 80 people they arrested, 76 were self-confessed drug addicts.’
    • ‘We are bound to assume that the self-confessed believer is utterly sincere.’
    • ‘Many senior detectives had been fearful the self-confessed drugs dealer was somehow going to thwart justice.’
    • ‘She started drinking when she was 13 or 14, and over the years it built up until she was a self-confessed alcoholic.’
    • ‘Nicholls, a self-confessed opportunist, says it is all about exploiting the right opportunities when they come along.’
    • ‘Mitchell Wan is one of this rare breed of self-confessed yo-yo fanatics.’
    • ‘Yardley - a self-confessed smoker - does not think this is either fair or reasonable.’
    • ‘This has not stopped him from becoming a self-confessed reggae freak.’
    • ‘For a self-confessed control freak like Thorpe, preparation is everything.’
    recognized, well known, widely known, generally known, publicly known, noted, celebrated, notable, notorious