Meaning of self-congratulatory in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfkənˈɡratjʊlət(ə)ri/

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  • Unduly complacent or proud regarding one's personal achievements or qualities; self-satisfied.

    ‘his website is smug and self-congratulatory’
    • ‘John took exception to the self-congratulatory tone of the report’
    • ‘She is a reluctant celebrity, finding extreme discomfort in the self-congratulatory world of literary awards.’
    • ‘Being carried on the shoulders of college kids seems way too self-congratulatory.’
    • ‘There is a brief production featurette, which is mostly self-congratulatory blather.’
    • ‘The director does a slow, mildly informative commentary, which is slightly self-congratulatory.’
    • ‘To complement the unveiling of the work, the centre has produced a self-congratulatory brochure.’
    • ‘The whole thing feels too self-congratulatory, too much like an in-joke.’
    • ‘I got the feeling he was going through a self-congratulatory stage of his career by showing us just how clever he can be.’
    • ‘It's the sort of self-congratulatory promotional material you'd expect.’
    • ‘He deleted this self-congratulatory elaboration, more than 25 words altogether.’
    • ‘That kind of self-congratulatory showmanship doesn't sit well with me.’