Meaning of self-destruct in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfdɪˈstrʌkt/

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  • (of a thing) destroy itself by exploding or disintegrating automatically, having been preset to do so.

    ‘the tape would automatically self-destruct after twenty minutes’
    • ‘When it realised that you had listened to this music enough times, the tape self-destructed.’
    • ‘The tape explained that it would self-destruct in 40 seconds.’
    • ‘In fact, it may be that every intelligent race in the universe inadvertently self-destructs in this way.’
    • ‘The same problem has also surfaced in England, where it has been said that the notion is finally self-destructing, since all decisions must be reconciled in attempting harmonious statements of law.’
    • ‘Even if I had achieved some of the worldly fruits of living, they would self-destruct at some point.’
    • ‘It could self-destruct, and it is doing little at the moment to help itself.’
    • ‘Cartels may self-destruct, but will in most cases be less efficient than mergers.’
    • ‘The post will self-destruct in a clever way after twenty-four hours.’
    • ‘If hacking is attempted, the file self-destructs.’
    • ‘To do that, he says, scientists must understand how a cell self-destructs, which means understanding how mitochondria send out signals that kill cells as well as energize them.’
    • ‘In a scene of utter and complete stupidity, totally unrealistic and outside the honesty and accuracy previously depicted, the movie just self-destructs.’
    • ‘When Flint's creation self-destructs, he relents.’
    • ‘If it gets old it just self-destructs and renews.’
    • ‘They are hardly likely to sit back and watch as the game to which they are guardians self-destructs.’
    • ‘When I say that the U.S. financial sector is currently self-destructing, I say this with earnestness.’
    • ‘When your opponent is self-destructing, keep your mouth shut.’
    • ‘At one point, the team was on the road to being champions, but after an altercation with the coach, the team self-destructed and was suspended from play.’
    • ‘No acting career has self-destructed quite as quickly as did this former golden girl's.’
    • ‘Told he has only six seconds before the message will self-destruct, Cruise makes a wisecrack and then throws away the glasses, the explosion falling just short of eviscerating him.’
    • ‘He mistrusted humanity's capacity to save or significantly improve itself, and was pretty certain that our civilization would self-destruct.’


  • Enabling a thing to self-destruct.

    ‘a self-destruct mechanism’
    • ‘If the missile loses the laser beam or if no guidance signals are received after a predetermined period of time during missile flight the missile switches to self-destruct mode.’