Meaning of self-destruction in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfdɪˈstrʌkʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • Behaviour that causes serious harm to oneself.

    ‘problem gamblers on a path to self-destruction’
    • ‘the disorienting psychology of addiction and self-destruction’
    • ‘In effect, pursuing the American Dream leads to his self-destruction.’
    • ‘She is eager to please her lost father, to the point of self-destruction.’
    • ‘A series of masterpieces followed, stories of male mortification leading to self-destruction.’
    • ‘His protagonists, with few exceptions, are driven to self-destruction or weakened to the point of being destroyed.’
    • ‘It suits an artist of immense gifts way better than self-destruction.’
    • ‘Other corporate labels distort classical definitions to the point of mutual self-destruction.’
    • ‘He has made a career out of exploring the darker side of the human psyche, of exposing obsessive characters who seem hell-bent on self-destruction.’
    • ‘According to the rules that drive this particular fetish, anything short of self-destruction is just going through the motions.’
    • ‘She's a character who is completely alone and on the edge of complete self-destruction.’
    • ‘He serves as her obligatory romantic interest, the guy who saves her from self-destruction.’