Meaning of self-determining in English:



  • 1(of a country) having the power or freedom to form its own government.

    ‘the desire to live in a free, self-determining democracy’
    • ‘The new states that arose would be neither self-determining nor democratic.’
    • ‘It would contain an isolated and self-determining community where the inhabitants will grow up from an early age in a very low-tech environment.’
    • ‘They are planning and creating environmentally sustainable communities that are productive, self-reliant and self-determining.’
    • ‘We are a sovereign, independent, small, feisty, self-determining nation, and we will tell people what we want to do.’
    • ‘Nationalism is the doctrine that every culture ought to be self-determining.’
    • ‘Why don't we knuckle down and focus on working with the government to create a confident, self-determining nation where opportunity abounds for all.’
    independent, sovereign, autonomous, non-aligned, free
    1. 1.1(of a person) having the power or freedom to control their own life.
      ‘the individual feels competent and self-determining’
      • ‘Despite our attachment to the ideal of the free, self-determining individual, we humans are dependent social beings.’
      • ‘He does not accept that we are more or less self-determining free agents.’
      • ‘They can be true to themselves and become self-determining.’
      • ‘Fredi was indeed fortunate to be born intelligent and became self-determining at an early age.’
      • ‘Along with having an authentic sense of cultural identity, heritage language students need to be able to make meaningful life choices in order to become self-determining.’
      • ‘The interview was conducted in such a manner that the participant was respected as a self-determining individual.’
      • ‘We ordinarily think that people are responsible for their bad conduct because they are self-determining.’
      • ‘As the earliest example of the modern self-determining artist, Michelangelo experienced incessant clashes with the authorities and regularly provoked the betrayal of jealous rivals.’
      • ‘We act very paternalistically toward them, and they don't develop a lot of self-determining, autonomous decision-making skills.’
      • ‘By the late eighteenth century, Western Europeans were increasingly emphasizing marriage as a love-match between two self-determining individuals.’
      • ‘For those who pass the threshold of age and mental competence, the right to be self-determining in the major decisions in life is inviolate.’
      • ‘By curtailing the autonomy of the self-determining individual, authoritarian public health policies infantilise society, weaken democracy and diminish humanity.’
      • ‘Allowing people to be self-determining is, they say, the only way to respect them as fully moral beings.’
      • ‘That each and every person can be freely and fully self-determining is at the heart of her writing.’