Meaning of self-directed in English:



  • 1(of an emotion, statement, or activity) directed at one's self.

    ‘she grimaces with a bitter self-directed humour’
    • ‘Suppressed aggression toward others became self-directed aggression and self-punishment.’
    • ‘This type of humor has been perpetuated and modified in the literature to elaborate the self-directed humor of those who have transitioned from one mode of existence to another.’
    • ‘Indeed, if the analogy were pursued to its logical conclusion, we might well envision the phenomenon of self-directed humor of the oppressed as contributing to the perpetuation of the oppression.’
    • ‘However, this apparent irreverence toward the subject, an irreverence that is sometimes self-directed (which is the very definition of humor), is only Struth's lightness of being.’
  • 2(of an activity) under one's own control.

    ‘this gives learners guidance in their self-directed learning’
    • ‘Each chapter includes numerous self-directed study activities that reinforce both active and passive learning.’
    • ‘The focus of the survey was to identify what self-directed learning activities were being used in their curriculum.’
    • ‘In adult learning orientation, learners are responsible for their own learning, and they use self-learning modules in self-directed study.’
    • ‘The company's trading platform enables the active investor to enter self-directed orders by providing automatically updated real time market information, rapid trade execution and rapid trade confirmation.’
    • ‘They become arenas of self-directed activity that fulfil individual and collective needs.’
    • ‘In the second case, the changes are intelligible, the result of self-directed activity.’
    • ‘As such it may promote self-directed learning, facilitate communication with students, enable active engagement with the course content, and create opportunities for students to be knowledge builders.’
    • ‘Patient advocacy and self-directed learning are requisite to achieving professionalism as a pharmacist.’
    • ‘Older and wiser, efforts have since been made to make up the deficit with self-directed study of the more interesting compounds.’
    • ‘Participants will select a specific area or topic for a self-directed project.’
    • ‘On-campus activities include presentations, panel discussions, self-directed learning, and use of guest speakers.’
    • ‘This kit contains a self-directed learning manual plus a trainer's manual and video.’
    • ‘The educational process should promote life-long learning through emphasis on active, self-directed learning and the fostering of ethical responsibility for maintaining and enhancing professional competence.’
    • ‘The survey and free response results, however, clearly indicated that the project and the completed website promoted active, self-directed learning, and positive practices for acquiring knowledge, skills and values.’
    • ‘These fathers are overworked, but their jobs offer them flexibility in scheduling and self-directed tasks that allow - even invite - father involvement.’
    • ‘Allowing the student to access supplemental information promotes greater understanding of the therapeutic area and supports the development of self-directed learning.’
    • ‘Problem-based learning serves to enhance such skills as problem-solving, critical thinking, clinical reasoning and self-directed learning.’
    • ‘This involved a significant and unreasonable time commitment for the instructor and was less congruent with principles of self-directed learning’
    • ‘We need to provide systematic training in the acquisition of skills in self-assessment that are fundamental to self-directed study.’
    • ‘Commanders should encourage, even demand, professional education and self-directed study programs.’
    1. 2.1(of a person) showing initiative and the ability to organize oneself.
      ‘At one end of the continuum were the self-directed people.’
      • ‘The benefits of a self-directed team were realized when the initial test efforts identified some hardware flaws.’
      • ‘It produces self-directed individuals who have learned how to acquire new skills without constant supervision or coercion.’
      • ‘As a result, behavioral and motivational difficulties are creating unprecedented classroom management problems for teachers who are more accustomed to teaching older, self-directed adults.’
      • ‘They were totally self-directed and had a vision not only of the production but of the bigger picture of what it meant for their lives.’
      • ‘It will take them some practice, some experience, and some mentoring and coaching from older students and teachers, to thrive as self-directed students.’
      • ‘They are self-directed and set their own goals and standards.’
      • ‘They are self-directed and exude a higher level of self-esteem than others.’
      • ‘The burning question for the newly self-directed team, however, was whether it could ramp up sales in a company that had been tainted by bankruptcy.’
      • ‘Self-development, when applied with clear commitment from top management, aims to solve poor transfer of training by developing more motivated and self-directed employees.’
      • ‘She will augment the school's mission to foster the growth of healthy and self-directed children.’
      • ‘However, this assumption is based on the belief that most students do not come to class with the skills, abilities, or maturity to be motivated self-directed learners.’
      • ‘Allow campers to be self-directed in some activities.’