Meaning of self-dramatization in English:



(also British self-dramatisation)
mass noun
  • Dramatization of one's own situation or feelings for effect.

    ‘he had such a talent for self-dramatization that I wouldn't have put it past him to have invented the whole story’
    • ‘It functions both as organ for literary reviews and forum for clever self-dramatisation, toeing the fine line between trash and styling.’
    • ‘Might there be a propensity towards self-dramatisation here?’
    • ‘Most people are aware that such apocalyptic thinking is just self-dramatization in a world that adores indulgence.’
    • ‘If calling the piece journalism implies that it concerns an extratextual subject, this subject is transformed rapidly into a textual one with an amazing capacity for self-dramatization.’
    • ‘Her outsized personality - and glorious penchant for self-dramatization - colors every encounter.’
    • ‘Hence, we grant it enormous powers of self-dramatization.’
    • ‘Rembrandt's portraits often go even further, exhibiting not simply embarrassment, but a critique of self-dramatization.’