Meaning of self-evidence in English:



See self-evident

‘Ever since photography's appearance on the stage of history, any possibility of repudiating what has turned into the self-evidence of photography, or photography as being self-evident, has thus been drastically curtailed.’
  • ‘That this truth, for all its self-evidence, was a relatively recent discovery - the product, give or take a decade, of the preceding one hundred years - is important.’
  • ‘The familiarity and self-evidence you speak of is, of course, precisely the proper object of critical thought.’
  • ‘Once the differentiation between words and music has evolved in history and been institutionalized on various levels, symbolic practices cannot avoid relating to it, but its seemingly natural self-evidence is a fiction.’
  • ‘The author asserts that we live in an age of technology, and that technology's self-evidence has freed it from the need to justify itself, which in turn makes the justification of the humanities necessary.’