Meaning of self-examining in English:



  • Engaging in analysis of one's own behaviour and motivations.

    ‘the introspective, self-examining character of much of his poetry’
    • ‘There is a side of American evangelicalism that is intensely charitable and generous, profoundly self-examining, and deeply committed to loving the unloved.’
    • ‘Even if we are not self-examining strivers focused in this way on doing things for ourselves, our hopes will have everything to do with our future actions.’
    • ‘Through our struggles with race, we have grown into a self-examining and racially disciplined society.’
    • ‘The frank, assertive, self-examining, substantive talks these speakers offered affirmed that the test of our work is properly candor and accuracy, and that journalism remains forever ennobled and burdened with the obligation to speak truth to power.’
    • ‘The introspective, self-examining character of much of his poetry suggests a largely puritan religious orientation.’
    inward-looking, self-analysing, self-examining, self-observing, brooding