Meaning of self-expressive in English:



See self-expression

‘Students with emotional disabilities may respond best to creating artwork that is self-expressive, such as expressionistic or surrealistic images.’
  • ‘It also shows in a really funny way how graphic designers lift artistic, self-expressive ideas and turn them into campaigns that push product.’
  • ‘Aspiring artists no longer needed to go to workshops or studios to become artists because being avant-garde and self-expressive did not depend on learning crafts, techniques, or studio methods.’
  • ‘A modern, self-expressive, committed-to-full-equality American mother might know that her child is getting quality care from a relative, a nanny, or a nursery, but she'll often feel dissatisfied, since the care isn't hers.’
  • ‘I'm going to dedicate my life to learning one self-expressive skill.’