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mass noun
  • The improvement of one's knowledge, status, or character by one's own efforts.

    ‘avid for self-improvement, he continued his education after school’
    • ‘The book's themes of character and self-improvement were developed from his years swimming for Dartmouth.’
    • ‘Many faculty members find that the process of developing a portfolio stimulates self-improvement.’
    • ‘They vary their methods of study and practice in order to discover new strategies for self-improvement.’
    • ‘A lot of what people do for fun, or for self-realisation or self-improvement, revolves around knowledge.’
    • ‘There is an ingrained faith that effort and self-improvement will be rewarded, and that if things go wrong it is up to you to fix them.’
    • ‘She said that she was studying English at the university due to personal interest, with the purpose of self-improvement.’
    • ‘Education, self-improvement and enterprise were, historically, the natural instincts of Scots.’
    • ‘The diploma he will receive when he graduates will open many doors to further self-improvement.’
    • ‘In the off-season try to work to improve yourself, because self-improvement is greatly appreciated by the coaches.’
    • ‘When the hunger for success diminishes the comfort zone beckons and the need for continuous self-improvement begins to take a back seat.’
    • ‘At least one Scottish educational virtue - self-improvement - still thrives.’
    • ‘This was mitigated by Scotland's commitment, obsession even, with learning and self-improvement.’
    • ‘The concern for self-improvement and bettering one's social status carried over to their communal home, the church.’
    • ‘He does so in the knowledge that it is a means to self-improvement.’
    • ‘The first step toward self-improvement begins with the desire to improve.’
    • ‘Most people go about their daily lives committed to self-improvement and informal ways of learning.’
    • ‘Readers seeking inspiration and encouragement can choose from a number of books dealing with popular psychology and self-improvement.’
    • ‘As I have shown, the structure of opportunities in late imperial society was predicated on self-improvement in the management of human relationships.’
    • ‘To guide another to self-improvement is the highest calling.’
    • ‘It sounds convincingly like self-improvement.’