Meaning of self-neglect in English:


Pronunciation /sɛlfnɪˈɡlɛkt/

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mass noun
  • Neglect of oneself, especially one's physical well-being.

    ‘As in the case of self-neglect, neglect can rarely, if ever, be an appropriate verdict on its own.’
    • ‘In applying that approach, it must be borne in mind that the neglect or self-neglect need not be the sole or predominant cause of the death for it to be reflected in a verdict.’
    • ‘The actual prevalence in Ireland of elder abuse (which excludes self-neglect and abuse by strangers) is not known, but it is thought likely to occur to the same extent as it does in other developed countries.’
    • ‘In such a case it may be factually accurate and helpfully descriptive to state that self-neglect aggravated, or preferably contributed to, the primary cause of death.’
    • ‘In the book, her self-neglect leading to pneumonia seems the sort of unconscious suicide that a lot of saints have committed.’
    • ‘Most of the 71 subjects studied by Patronek met criteria for self-neglect.’
    • ‘It also holds our darker emotional side such as depression, avoidance, self-neglect and regret.’
    • ‘One state may include self-neglect in their definition of elder abuse, while another does not.’
    • ‘Such a diagnosis carries with it a strong risk of death by suicide or self-neglect.’
    • ‘When does the inertia of self-neglect shade into the dynamic of self-destruction?’