Meaning of self-obsessed in English:



  • Excessively preoccupied with one's own life and circumstances; thinking only about oneself.

    ‘even self-obsessed pop stars don't want the rumour mill to overshadow their music’
    • ‘He was at a self-obsessed age, in a self-obsessed field, living in a self-obsessed era.’
    • ‘Travel is a paradoxical business - supposedly outgoing, in fact self-obsessed.’
    • ‘Obviously, he needed to get out from under a self-obsessed, over-bearing mother!’
    • ‘He, unfortunately, represents the stereotypical self-obsessed American.’
    • ‘Then there was an earlier episode where he recounts his near marriage to the self-obsessed Fiona.’
    • ‘Instead of helping to ease the situation, I allow my own self-obsessed feelings of guilt override my duties to a wounded friend.’
    • ‘Celebrity artists are for most part self-obsessed, self-promoting neurotics.’
    • ‘The past few weeks have been bursting with the self-obsessed, stumbling Brit who generously lets us peruse her journal entries.’
    • ‘Churchill was, however, too self-obsessed to be a reliable friend.’
    • ‘His transition from self-created victim to self-obsessed nouveau adolescent, to the gently compassionate man his family actually needs is an extraordinary metamorphosis.’
    • ‘The amount of self-obsessed whining I read almost made me feel sick.’
    • ‘We're all self-obsessed people living in our own little bubble.’
    • ‘I think the answer to the majority of these issues is therapy for the self obsessed individuals concerned.’
    • ‘In my analysis of this tripartite division I shall identify the rational soul with the ego, or self-obsessed reactive mind of Buddhism.’
    • ‘Life is painful for the basic reason that we are self-obsessed.’
    • ‘Surely this is the most self-obsessed anti-war protest ever.’
    • ‘Being the self-obsessed egomaniacs that we are we couldn't help asking a few questions about ourselves.’
    • ‘I think God smiles on you because you're no longer so self-obsessed.’
    • ‘Stella eventually reappears and turns out to be a monster of self-obsessed childishness.’
    • ‘It doesn't make it easier to cut down on my road rage incidents or keep from hurling sporks at self-obsessed co-workers.’