Meaning of self-realization in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfˌrɪəlʌɪˈzeɪʃn/


(also British self-realisation)
mass noun
  • Fulfilment of one's own potential.

    ‘This is necessary to his enterprise: without it, he could not hope to make plausible his suggestion that the aim of morality is self-realization.’
    • ‘Thus, self-realization requires the psyche to turn round on itself and confront what it produces.’
    • ‘Philosophy has clearly become far more than the means whereby human nature achieves self-realization, though this ideal continues to provide a framework for Dante's praise of her.’
    • ‘Hence, Marxist perfectionists argue, resources in a communist society should be distributed so as to encourage people to achieve self-realization through cooperative production.’
    • ‘Discourse ethics leaves the answer to the question about the good life, in the sense of personal and collective projects of self-realization, for the most part to individuals and cultures.’
    • ‘Because such love is the expression of an individual's most vital activity, it carries the greatest possible self-realization.’
    • ‘Such self-realization requires him to act on that desire for knowledge which as a man he naturally possesses.’
    • ‘Violence, of course, is never the answer - unless the question revolves around any form of introspection or self-realisation.’
    • ‘What about the ideal of rugged individualism, and the popular portrait of divorce as an act of courageous, costly, self-redemptive self-realization?’
    • ‘It is not the sole good but it is the greatest good, so it is never right to transgress love for the sake of justice, self-realization, or happiness.’
    • ‘In this relationship, the leader quite literally leads his junior officers to self-realization and fulfillment.’
    • ‘He stresses the importance of self-reliance and self-realization when facing the audience.’
    • ‘Finally, the leader will strive to satisfy the need for self-realization.’
    • ‘Wilde also stated that his aim in life had been self-realization through pleasure.’
    • ‘A lot of what people do for fun, or for self-realisation or self-improvement, revolves around knowledge.’
    • ‘This fight against cultural hegemony and for self-realization is the essence of the feminist struggle.’
    • ‘Neither the physical well being resulting from the diet, nor the knowledge of oriental philosophy really dealt with the matter of self-development or self-realization.’
    • ‘The self-realization of the Spirit, as it grows to full consciousness, takes place in and through human history.’
    • ‘He believed in the Adwait philosophy with its aim as self-realization.’
    • ‘Moreover, that consciousness of purpose, being the road to self-realisation, made the future graspable in the present.’