Meaning of self-satisfied in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfˈsatɪsfʌɪd/

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  • Excessively satisfied with oneself or one's achievements; smugly complacent.

    ‘a pompous, self-satisfied fool’
    • ‘Those self-satisfied smirks and self-assured snarlings will sooner or later turn to hands begging for forgiveness.’
    • ‘He tells jokes pretty well, though he could do with easing up on the old self-satisfied smirk after the punchline.’
    • ‘They'll use it to create jobs, he says with that self-satisfied smirk of his.’
    • ‘He could become smug and self-satisfied and implode.’
    • ‘They go home feeling accomplished, smug and self-satisfied because their intentions were noble and worthy.’
    • ‘This isn't the smug, self-satisfied account of a young person growing up in the suburbs, with all the boredom and complacency that follows.’
    • ‘We are smug and self-satisfied, most of us, and I include myself in that analysis of our situation.’
    • ‘Anna seems to believe its legacy belongs to a legion of smug, self-satisfied designers and copywriters.’
    • ‘The track is self-contained and self-satisfied, like they've found a circus of their own.’
    • ‘Even from this distance it exudes the smug, self-satisfied and lively aura for which it is famous.’
    • ‘It was full of self-satisfied, self-congratulatory claptrap designed to fool the public - I will come back to that in a moment.’
    • ‘James shrugged, attempting to look innocent but failing miserably with that self-satisfied smirk on his face.’
    • ‘Kyle slammed his hands on the hood of the car and stood with a malicious, self-satisfied smirk across his face.’
    • ‘He was more dewy than smarmy - self-satisfied yet eager to please.’
    • ‘Compare that to the eternally smug self-satisfied attitudes exhibited by the advocates and practitioners of music.’
    • ‘It's probably because she has found after six years that she is married to a smug, self-satisfied, arrogant, pompous twit.’
    • ‘He looked smug and self-satisfied, possibly having forgotten his precarious position.’
    • ‘You frequently encounter a stereotype of Americans as self-satisfied and smug.’
    • ‘He had stood for voluntary poverty, not self-satisfied greed.’
    • ‘Every politician, economist and self-satisfied person should read it.’
    complacent, self-congratulatory, smug, superior, puffed up, pleased with oneself, self-approving, well pleased, proud of oneself
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