Meaning of self-soothe in English:



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  • 1(of a young child, especially one left to fall asleep on their own) stop crying without being comforted by a parent or carer.

    ‘my son only started self-soothing when he was eight months old’
    • ‘He couldn't self-soothe, he ate more, had to be rocked more vigorously to be soothed.’
    • ‘Overtired children are often restless, unable to self-soothe at bedtime, and more likely to wake through the night.’
    • ‘She never learned to self-soothe and I want her to recognize that she is capable but I am there if she needs help.’
    • ‘The thumb-sucker can self-soothe, pehaps making adults feel redundant.’
    • ‘If a mother (or a father) reacts to these awakenings at night, babies might never learn how to self-soothe.’
    • ‘The younger you give a child a phone in the grocery line, the earlier you're teaching them to use stimulation instead of self-soothing to ease boredom.’
    • ‘She says it's best "not to talk to the child or look directly at them" as this interferes with the self-soothing the child needs to learn during the process.’
    • ‘Parents might be encouraged to establish more nuanced routines to help babies with self-soothing and to seek occasional respite.’
    • ‘Personally I don't feel that dummies are particularly helpful when trying to encourage self-soothing, so would suggest that you try not to use one.’
    • ‘Dr. Weissbluth basically says babies past about 6 months old need to learn to self-soothe.’
    1. 1.1Comfort oneself when unhappy or distressed.
      ‘many of us self-soothe with junk food, a glass of wine, maybe some mindless TV’
      • ‘In the face of extremely scary information, people may even engage in unhealthy self-soothing behaviors.’
      • ‘For example, expressive writing or self-soothing coping strategies may help lessen the intensity of your sadness or anxiety.’
      • ‘Finally, she introduces us to informal and formal practices to unlock love in our lives, generate compassion, and even self-soothe.’
      • ‘Having time and the opportunity to calm and self-soothe often results in a significant modification in thoughts, feelings and eventual communication.’
      • ‘This is done through techniques similarly used in dialectical behavior therapy, such as breathing exercises, distraction, and self-soothing.’
      • ‘Karyn Hall points out the warning signs of an impending emotional outburst, and provides insight into how we can self-soothe during these turbulent experiences.’
      • ‘Do you self-soothe with a trip to the mall?’
      • ‘She says that such "self-soothing" use of Facebook is beneficial to the user's mood, especially if they are prone to feeling low.’
      • ‘The results indicate we could use self-soothing as a form of treatment for low moods.’
      • ‘My mother has tried therapy and medication, but a different sort of French accessory-wine-became her choice for self-soothing.’
      • ‘Emotional eating, defined as turning toward food to self-soothe instead of seeking human connection for comfort, is sometimes treated as a pop culture joke.’