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  • 1A person who is sufficiently motivated or ambitious to work on their own initiative without needing direction.

    ‘he was the self-starter who worked his way up from messenger boy to account executive’
    • ‘This environment, much like the set-up of a small business, compels the counselor to take initiative and become a self-starter.’
    • ‘Indeed, these schools work best where the child is a self-starter and is easily motivated.’
    • ‘Franchisors also look for people who can take direction and are self-starters as well.’
    • ‘This national event, which encourages students to be self-starters in the business world, has seen many triumphs for Carlow over the last few years.’
    • ‘As the timescale is narrow, staff will have to be self-starters.’
    • ‘It's an attempt to enable community networking to spread beyond the folks who are self-starters.’
    • ‘The people that we have hired are all self-starters who want to be the best team in the business.’
    • ‘Not everyone is a self-starter and has the discipline to follow-through on assignments without a supervisor or co-workers to cheer them on.’
    • ‘Of course the thing ends with some goofy language about the person being a self-starter and a high-energy team player.’
    • ‘You must be a self-starter, able to work independently without supervision.’
    • ‘What are the magic ingredients that make up a successful self-starter?’
  • 2 anticuado The starter of a motor-vehicle engine.