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  • 1Having the resources to be able to survive without outside assistance.

    ‘the colonies must be, if nothing else, self-supporting’
    • ‘a self-supporting sea eagle population’
    • ‘Such a cost-benefit ratio lends weight to the proposition that, in many cases, infrastructure can be self-supporting, generating its own land value revenue source.’
    • ‘As a self-supporting enterprise, space flight is far more costly than air travel.’
    • ‘In this instance, over time they should become financially self-supporting.’
    • ‘The CCI wanted the company to be self-supporting by the end of the five-year agreement.’
    • ‘A self-supporting population may also give international zoos the opportunity to have a platypus.’
    • ‘The idea is for local communities to manage the land, wildlife, and natural resources so they are profitable, and ultimately, self-supporting.’
    • ‘All that said, there's a remarkable string of musicals - especially from the 1940s onward - that feature independent, self-supporting women.’
    • ‘Colonies were expected to be financially self-supporting and their revenues consequently often bore the heavy costs of defence and the campaigns of conquest.’
    • ‘With government support, Cuban agriculture began to react to its immediate needs: to develop a sustainable, self-supporting agricultural system using renewable resources.’
    • ‘Artists are self-supporting and are forced to seek markets outside the country.’
    • ‘Canterbury was self-governing, self-supporting and self-reliant.’
    • ‘One possibility was to insist on the right to work and earn a self-supporting wage whenever circumstances dictated that they enter the labor market.’
    • ‘The independent consultant with any hope of being self-supporting must have an organized library of information available at a moment's notice.’
    • ‘Today, they are not only self-supporting, economically empowered with a strong sense of self-esteem, but they are also playing an active role in nation building.’
    • ‘Artists are mostly self-supporting, although 7 percent of the national budget was devoted to recreational and cultural activities in 1996 and 1997.’
    • ‘To become self-supporting in the future and to be no longer a financial burden for our sponsor club we have decided to raise money with charity activities.’
    • ‘Such a system is expensive to establish, but once it is in place, it is self-supporting.’
    • ‘They were single self-supporting women who lived in pairs or groups, sometimes in settlement houses, and worked as teachers or pioneered in such new professions open to women as librarianship and social work.’
    • ‘Fee increases for students without bachelor's degrees were particularly difficult for self-supporting students, many of whom were low-income and minority students.’
    • ‘Rather, the Church is to be self-extending, self-governing, and self-supporting because these characteristics arise from the nature of Christian faith.’
    self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-reliant, self-standing, able to stand on one's own two feet, living on one's hump
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  • 2Staying up or upright without being supported by something else.

    ‘arches were originally self-supporting structures’
    • ‘In addition, the mechanical bond allows the structure to become self-supporting.’
    • ‘That's why I've come up with my own solution to make this little corner of the page self-supporting.’
    • ‘The prefabricated broadcast studios feature magnetically attached fabric wrapped panels and a self-supporting wood panel system that is isolated from the booths to maintain acoustical integrity.’
    • ‘Because of their self-supporting design, timber-frame homes can offer large areas of wall space for windows, making them particularly suitable for passive-solar design.’