Meaning of self-sustaining in English:


Pronunciation /sɛlfsəˈsteɪnɪŋ/


  • Able to continue in a healthy state without outside assistance.

    ‘the studies throw doubt on whether these businesses are really self-sustaining’
    • ‘I actually consider them a great example of independent culture becoming self-sustaining and successful.’
    • ‘The aim was to ultimately make the savings and credit system self-sustaining, so that it would not rely on outside funding to keep the office and staff running.’
    • ‘He said that by careful planning, the school had been able to make their agricultural science programme self-sustaining.’
    • ‘A terrarium is a beautiful little self-contained, self-sustaining universe.’
    • ‘An autopoietic system is basically a self-made and self-sustaining ensemble.’
    • ‘Ultimately, to qualify as being alive, an organism must be self-regulating and self-sustaining.’
    • ‘We believe that self-sustaining populations of native species indicate a healthy or at least a recovering landscape.’
    • ‘Thus, by making trade fairer, it would not only save governments enormous sums of money but also allow those countries to be more self-sustaining.’
    • ‘Such regulation and mistaken views can become self-sustaining.’
    • ‘Described as ‘waterlogged wealth’, a wetland is a self-sustaining unit.’
    • ‘The church currently maintains 13 ministries in Europe, many of which are not self-sustaining and run at a cost to parishioners based in Scotland.’
    • ‘Essentially, once the loan system is put in place, you do away with subsidies as it becomes self-sustaining in 4 or 5 years.’
    • ‘The battle becomes a self-sustaining goal unto itself.’
    • ‘The intensions were to create a seasonal fishing industry, a transatlantic operation if you will, not a self-sustaining society.’
    • ‘At that level, the $10,000 all-inclusive tuition is enough to make the program self-sustaining.’
    • ‘Our values, ideas and collective memories are not self-sustaining.’
    • ‘She has organized focus groups on barriers preventing community-based women from becoming self-sustaining.’
    • ‘‘Broad and self-sustaining growth is still not being observed,’ Hahlen added.’
    • ‘Going back to a self-sustaining community is possible even in our cities, which generate the highest concentration of garbage.’
    • ‘Except in rare instances new democracies could not be regarded as self-sustaining, and might require constant correction of one kind or another.’
    self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-reliant, self-standing, able to stand on one's own two feet, living on one's hump