Meaning of self-sustenance in English:



mass noun
  • The ability to continue in a healthy state without outside assistance.

    ‘the refugees had attained self-sustenance and had been contributing to the nation's economy’
    • ‘Ultimately, the project seeks to foster community participation and support initiatives that promote self-sustenance.’
    • ‘While at the skills development centre, the mayor planted vegetable seed in recognition of the need for self-sustenance.’
    • ‘The council has come up with a number of fund-raising projects all aimed at self-sustenance.’
    • ‘A school of environmental thought argues that hunting of wildlife is for self-sustenance and needs to be allowed.’
    • ‘The coconut tree depicted represents self-sustenance and the ability to grow and survive under adverse circumstances.’
    independence, self-reliance, self-support, self-sustenance, self-standing