Meaning of self-tapping in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfˈtapɪŋ/


  • (of a screw) able to cut a thread in the material into which it is inserted.

    ‘Over wood framing you can fasten the siding using hand- or air-driven galvanized nails or wood screws, or use self-tapping screws for installation over metal studs.’
    • ‘Attach rim joists to the outside of the beveled posts with two four-inch, self-tapping screws per joint.’
    • ‘For lighter gauge sheet metal, there are also self-tapping screws available that don't require pre-drilling.’
    • ‘Whether rivets, retaining rods, or self-tapping screws are used, you can be assured of a fastener that was designed to offer ornamental fencing with the durability and security you desire.’
    • ‘It yields functional prototypes that can be assembled using self-tapping screws without cracking.’