Meaning of self-titled in English:



  • (of an album, CD, etc.) having a title that is the same as the performer's name.

    ‘This year has found The Coral in rude health, building on the momentum of their self-titled debut album selling 270,000 copies.’
    • ‘In 2002, Busted released their self-titled debut album.’
    • ‘On June 22, Planet Hollywood in Times Square held a party to promote thirteen-year-old pop sensation Jojo's self-titled debut album.’
    • ‘Bublé has had an incredible year on the international stage, making a name for himself with his debut, self-titled CD.’
    • ‘Hardy seems unsurprised by the consistency with which the self-titled debut has been selling.’
    • ‘The results of the newly formed group were first released in a now sold-out self-titled record on the Secret Eye label last year.’
    • ‘The law of averages caught up with the Betas, however, on their self-titled debut full-length.’
    • ‘Maradona is at the festival to promote a self-titled documentary made by Serbian director Emir Kusturica.’
    • ‘Franz Ferdinand's self-titled album was released in February.’
    • ‘The third album, or the self-titled album, was influenced by a number of heady things.’
    • ‘Loon released his self-titled debut on Bad Boy Records last year.’
    • ‘Their first self-titled album is an undisputed classic, pairing dreamy doo-wop with atonal terror.’
    • ‘The best bits of her self-titled debut album suggest that she just might.’
    • ‘In 1982, a self-titled album gave him another hit single, Loving You.’
    • ‘Their self-titled CD is only a glimpse of what these guys are capable of.’
    • ‘He followed it up five years later with a self-titled album that veered towards pop territory.’
    • ‘The crunch of guitar is still well and truly there, but the band believe in harmonies and melodies too on this self-titled debut.’
    • ‘1998 saw the UK-only release of his debut self-titled album, recorded in Dublin.’
    • ‘With a bloodline as promising as this, the self-titled debut from the 28-year-old has been long anticipated.’
    • ‘The tour brings them to the Great Northern in Byron Bay tomorrow, May 9, where they will launch their new, self-titled EP with a set of new songs.’