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another term for self-esteem
‘She has lost all her self-worth and self-esteem and thinks only of the drugs now.’
  • ‘She looks at herself in the mirror, with her short and kinky hair, and doubts her self-worth and attractiveness.’
  • ‘Low self-worth will often masquerade as fear, anger, resentment, bitterness and so on.’
  • ‘You may look at your accomplishments with continuous dissatisfaction, underestimating your self-worth.’
  • ‘They also suffer from depressive disorders and need constant reassurance about their self-worth.’
  • ‘Their self-worth is defined in terms of their status in the office - and whether they have a phone with more buttons than the person siting next to them.’
  • ‘I got my entire self-worth from my job, for better or worse.’
  • ‘She has two adult children, one in Spain, one in Surrey, and when she wrote to us, had little sense of her own self-worth or where she was heading.’
  • ‘Many people who participate in sport regard their success or failure in sport as a reflection of their own self-worth.’
  • ‘Well, I think the first thing you lose in an abusive relationship is your self-worth.’
  • ‘It provided resources for developing a sense of their self-worth.’
  • ‘Very often the success or failure of the youngsters is linked to their own self-worth as individuals.’
  • ‘For instance, I am so assured of my own self-worth that I don't feel the need to try very hard.’
  • ‘He bolsters his non-existent self-worth by putting other people down in order to build himself up.’
  • ‘To respect your needs is a great way to lift your self-worth and build a higher self-esteem.’
  • ‘Sixty percent of the adolescents indicated that physical appearance determined their self-worth.’
  • ‘Most importantly, I realized a lot about where my self-worth comes from.’
  • ‘Group or individual sessions can help you get in touch with who you really are and help you to believe in your own self-worth.’
  • ‘Boys mature later than girls, but they generally manage to get through secondary level with their self-worth intact.’
  • ‘She has been saying and doing all the right things on the outside, whilst not quite truly believing in her self-worth on the inside.’