Meaning of self-development in English:




mass noun
  • The process by which a person's character or abilities are gradually developed.

    ‘graduates have stressed the value of their courses for self-development’
    • ‘The cognitive processing of needs also results in the individualization of motivation which is related to the ability of self-development and of self-regulation.’
    • ‘Self-cognition is the initial stage of self-development in the process of officers' military professional training.’
    • ‘The final pillar of the Army's leader development system is self-development.’
    • ‘The Army and the leader can use self-development to reinforce skill development.’
    • ‘All development is self-development and it is up to you to add to your personal know-how.’
    • ‘Weak self-regulators do not achieve much progress in self-development.’
    • ‘Neither the physical well being resulting from the diet, nor the knowledge of oriental philosophy really dealt with the matter of self-development or self-realization.’
    • ‘It is the teacher's own example of being on a path of constant growth and self-development that communicates most strongly to the growing child.’
    • ‘Through the process of fulfilling this mission, Billy undergoes tremendous self-development as he matures into a young man.’
    • ‘Second, self-development and action learning were generally being used as an excuse for lack of real support for training and development.’
    • ‘Solo time is a prerequisite of self-development and growth, not a sign of weakness or personal defect.’
    • ‘Leaders are now developed around three pillars - experience, schooling, and self-development.’
    • ‘Our responsibility is how we develop people, what we do about their self-development and development.’
    • ‘These development centres have helped to support a culture of self-development and have played a key role in retaining people with potential.’
    • ‘The self-development by the women in one socio-economic context encouraged them to form spearhead groups to mobilise women in different socio-cultural scenarios.’
    • ‘Public service is no longer a career in the way it was, but where departments are intelligently led, there are opportunities for training, experience and self-development.’
    • ‘Personal leadership is personal change and self-development is the outcome.’
    • ‘In the best scenario, the project leads not only to satisfying work lives, but to full self-development and self-cultivation.’
    • ‘This can be done by combining the pursuit of sporting excellence with the provision of time for family, friends, other interests and self-development.’
    • ‘Self-esteem depends very much on self-satisfaction in regards to achievements and self-development.’