Meaning of self-mastery in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsɛlfˈmɑːst(ə)ri/


mass noun
  • Self-control.

    ‘Self-control leads to self-mastery, enabling one to be more successful in achieving outer and inner goals.’
    • ‘This resolution and self-mastery lasted precisely as far as the address book on the mantelpiece, which revealed not a single person who would have the faintest idea what I was talking about.’
    • ‘It will be particularly salutary because it allows us to discourse again about self-discipline, self-mastery, and maybe even the exercise of the will.’
    • ‘This very moment you can choose to create or access such positive, elevated states such as joy, serenity, courage, self-mastery, and creativity.’
    • ‘The tendency to surrender power may explain why self-mastery was not related to other personal resources for recovery in the present study.’
    • ‘Some researchers who have examined self-mastery refer to it as perceived personal control or self-control.’
    • ‘The intrusion of adults in children's play can abolish or diminish this process of acting above one's age and acquiring self-mastery of one's own actions.’
    • ‘Lasseter tells students that they can develop self-mastery by attending to the way they speak and dress.’
    • ‘This practical ethical tradition defined pity as a negative emotion, valued self-mastery and virtue, and was concerned to use philosophy to alleviate human suffering.’
    • ‘Carried by this one thought for a measureless number of lives, self-mastery is the reward of following this idea, and so it will be attained.’
    • ‘How does what we eat affect our spirit and reflect self-mastery?’
    • ‘Middle-class women, much like men, believed in and exercised self-mastery.’
    • ‘It can harm us only if we are deceived into supposing that anything other than one's own inner self-mastery really counts.’
    • ‘To them, the concept of self-mastery over blind faith is anathema - it negates their whole argument.’
    • ‘Thus, strengthened by our life in God, we may grow in personal self-mastery to enjoy serving God and neighbor.’
    • ‘Indeed, the process parallels closely the child's attempt at self-mastery.’
    • ‘Sacrifices and self-mastery, even robbing and destruction have no effect on the passive soul.’
    determination, firmness of purpose, fixity of purpose, will power, strength of character, resolution, resolve, resoluteness, purposefulness, single-mindedness, drive, commitment, dedication, doggedness, tenacity, tenaciousness, staying power, backbone, spine