Meaning of self-tracking in English:



mass noun
  • The practice of systematically recording information about one's diet, health, or activities, typically by means of a smartphone, so as to discover behavioural patterns that may be adjusted to help improve one's physical or mental well-being.

    ‘self-tracking may provide a glimpse of the future of healthcare’
    • ‘Of course, self-tracking is not a new idea.’
    • ‘"If we use our imaginations we can easily see how the homemade or complicated tools we use for self-tracking might have popular incarnations very soon."’
    • ‘We believe that self-tracking is one of the keys to change.’
    • ‘We continue to experiment with self-tracking as a way to enhance individual insight, awareness, and potentially control over one’s own health and well-being.’
    • ‘Self-tracking is becoming a lot more popular these days, as it becomes easier for people to use their phones/shoes/key chains to track what they’re doing and share it with others.’
    • ‘When the familiar pen-and-paper methods of self-analysis are enhanced by sensors that monitor our behavior automatically, the process of self-tracking becomes both more alluring and more meaningful.’
    • ‘All these devices fit nicely into what has been called the 'self-tracking' or 'quantified self' movement, in which folks use technology to measure their bodily functions.’
    • ‘"Over the next five to 10 years, self-tracking will be critical to wellness," Chang says.’
    • ‘A basic hurdle with self-tracking is simply getting in the habit of collecting the numbers.’
    • ‘"I live a much more self-aware life thanks to self-tracking."’