Meaning of sell short in English:

sell short


Stock Market
  • Sell stock or other securities or commodities which one does not own at the time, in the hope of buying at a lower price before the delivery time.

    ‘The stock began the year with 50 million shares sold short.’
    • ‘One million shares in company A have been sold short.’
    • ‘Short interest is simply the total number of shares of a company that have been sold short.’
    • ‘ETFs can be bought on margin, sold short or bought at a limit price (a minimum or maximum price set by the investor).’
    • ‘The NYSE calculates program trading as the sum of shares bought, sold and sold short in program trades.’
    • ‘Second, if the price of the stock goes up after you sell short, your potential loss grows.’
    • ‘Also, since they trade intraday, ETFs can be bought long or sold short, used in hedge strategies and bought on margin.’
    • ‘When you sell short, you're betting that the price of a stock is going to go down.’
    • ‘The best shares to short - provided you believe the fundamentals of the company you are shorting are poor - are those where very few shares have been sold short.’
    • ‘When the market rises and the bulls are greediest, the pros sell short.’