Meaning of sell someone/something short in English:

sell someone/something short


  • Fail to recognize or state the true value of.

    ‘don't sell yourself short—you've got what it takes’
    • ‘To say Christopher is a well-connected British gent is to sell him short.’
    • ‘In the same instance you shouldn't sell yourself short.’
    • ‘Neither does he sell himself short on the talent front.’
    • ‘Don't sell yourself short, you're a beautiful woman.’
    • ‘Like a lot of modern audiences, those people are selling themselves short.’
    • ‘I think a lot of them sell themselves short.’
    • ‘Putting that understanding into words would only sell it short.’
    • ‘The description sells Douglas a little short.’
    • ‘I wasn't keen on the title because I felt it sold the band short.’
    • ‘But at every level, Clarke's proposal patronises these would-be undergraduates and sells them short.’
    undervalue, underrate, underestimate, disparage, deprecate, belittle