Meaning of sellable in English:



See sell

  • ‘The wonderful city of York, with its world famous charms, attracts more than four million visitors a year and is an extremely sellable destination overseas.’
  • ‘I think that makes the club more sellable, and I'm a bit more hopeful than I've been for the past few days.’
  • ‘Opening a distillery and producing a sellable whisky is even more difficult - unless you are lucky enough to buy one with all its equipment in working order and (most importantly) with aged whisky stock.’
  • ‘My sense is that Boston won't go into bankruptcy - it owns too much property for this to be sellable to the public - but inevitably some smaller diocese will.’
  • ‘Or is there some material that's constitutionally sellable to consenting adults, but not protected when displayed in public?’
  • ‘With more than 120 plants producing a sellable crop each quarter he would have hoped to make more than £40,000-a-year from the enterprise.’
  • ‘I'm too busy these days to deal with getting it into sellable, runnable shape and I don't want to hassle with eBay bidders or anything of the sort.’
  • ‘The mass media is collecting pieces of ‘youth culture,’ labeling them cool, hip and sellable.’
  • ‘The markets there are growing restless at the inordinate time it can take for a reported breakthrough to be translated into sellable product.’
  • ‘Attractive Georgian farmhouses with land capable of earning a respectable income are always a sellable commodity.’
  • ‘Over the next few days, four of us had stripped, painted, cleaned and transformed the house into a very sellable feature.’
  • ‘The challenge now is to transform those policies into sellable propositions.’
  • ‘The artists get to expose their artwork, get some feedback on their work and see if it's sellable in this kind of market.’
  • ‘They know what is recyclable, sellable, and reusable, so they save the site contractor time and money.’
  • ‘Instead, their focus will be on where the company is today, which is what's going to determine whether it will be sellable and, if so, for how much.’
  • ‘‘We have some artists that we cannot justly take on new business for and still support the galleries that helped make that artist as sellable as he is today,’ said Harris.’
  • ‘It is the most spectacular tree in the orchard, perhaps the most beloved (though such favoritism seems unlikely), and yet it produces not a single sellable fruit.’
  • ‘In addition, the client wanted wide-open floors unobstructed by columns or shear walls in order to maximize net sellable floor area and allow buyers to customize the layout of their units.’
  • ‘This business proved profitable for three or four years, but not only did her brewery fail to yield sufficient sellable stock, her employees left for more profitable employment.’
  • ‘A car that's worth $1,500, but needs $500 in repairs before it's in sellable condition is not worth the expense.’