Meaning of semi-acoustic in English:


Pronunciation /sɛmɪəˈkuːstɪk/

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  • (of a guitar) having one or more pickups and a hollow body, typically with f-holes.

    ‘There was one highlight, though - he got to hold Judd's white semi-acoustic Gibson guitar, which, he says, is the only guitar that ever felt right in his hands.’
    • ‘It's thrilling to see this return to the fray stretching out into a real second wind. ‘Born Innocent’ bowls along at a brisk pace, mixing earthy semi-acoustic rock with a soulful, retro feel, heavy on the Hammond.’
    • ‘The album, Steve explains, is the basis for the band's current semi-acoustic tour, having a softer, more acoustic sound itself.’
    • ‘He's married and lives here now but looks exactly the same minus the roller blades and semi-acoustic bass.’
    • ‘I didn't even bother getting tickets for Sunday when it was announced - didn't think a no-frills semi-acoustic singer-songwriter trio could hold my attention for three nights in a row.’


  • A semi-acoustic guitar.

    ‘Eric played a red Gibson 330 semi-acoustic throughout his set - it sounded great, but then Gibsons are the best.’
    • ‘I wonder if feedback is more of a risk when playing a semi-acoustic.’
    • ‘She keeps us hanging in there, long enough to hear her bashing a wooden chair with a drumstick, and then strumming on a turquoise semi-acoustic.’