Meaning of semi-detached in English:


Pronunciation /sɛmɪdɪˈtatʃt/


  • (of a house) joined to another house on one side only by a common wall.

    ‘Red House today stands secluded behind a pleasantly weathered red-brick wall surrounded by a forest of bungalows and semi-detached houses.’
    • ‘The white, almost gleaming walls of the semi-detached houses spelt wealth and comfort.’
    • ‘Firefighters had to force an entry through a side door of the semi-detached house in Chorley Old Road, Johnson Fold.’
    • ‘He had seen the boys trying to climb a low wall outside his semi-detached home in Haydock, near St Helens.’
    • ‘Detectives sealed off the area around the path which is between a row of terraced houses and semi-detached homes on a council estate.’
    • ‘A new development of 36 detached and semi-detached houses and bungalows is now on the market in Blackrock, Co Louth.’
    • ‘In Clontarf, there is strong demand for four-bed, semi-detached houses and the shortage of such houses is pushing up prices, he said.’
    • ‘This building was originally a pair of semi-detached houses, part of the first 50 houses contracted out by Skipton Urban Council to be built after the war.’
    • ‘The building firm is also proposing to build two pairs of semi-detached houses and three sets of four linked houses comprising small, terraced properties.’
    • ‘The first phase of 25 three-bedroom semi-detached bungalows sold out within two weeks last autumn.’
    • ‘People living near the family's semi-detached bungalow said Bradley was a typical, fun-loving young man.’
    • ‘The house is a three-bedroom semi-detached bungalow in a cul-de-sac development off the Delgany Road.’
    • ‘Ashford Court is a development of semi-detached houses in Grange near Douglas.’
    • ‘The semi-detached bungalows have their own private garden and side entrance.’
    • ‘Nearly 40 new homes will be incorporated into a modern development consisting of semi-detached houses, mews houses and bungalows.’
    • ‘Another four semi-detached homes and three detached houses are planned for the rest of the half hectare site.’
    • ‘He favoured communal green spaces, cul-de-sacs, semi-detached houses and terraces with gardens front and back.’
    • ‘The scheme will include a mix of semi-detached houses, townhouses and apartments.’
    • ‘The two storey semi-detached residence consists of a large ground floor area, previously a licensed premises, and toilets.’
    • ‘The rock we're diving on is about the same size as a house - an old Victorian semi-detached house, three or four storeys high and with big rooms and high ceilings.’


  • A semi-detached house.

    ‘But this weekend, lurking behind the twitching curtains of semi-detacheds, was the nasty realisation that crime had propelled the blossoming Cork city suburb into unfamiliar and unwanted territory.’
    • ‘And before you got to the former marshlands, several suburbs comprised of nothing but two-dollar shops, dowdy brick semi-detacheds and dozens of gawking fresh air watchers had to be negotiated.’
    • ‘The house is a four-bedroom semi-detached built in the 1960s.’
    • ‘Originally a three-bedroom semi-detached, the house became a two-bed.’
    • ‘The house was a semi-detached with a couple of children playing in the front lawn and his son was just arriving home from his days work.’
    • ‘The house was nothing special, a tawdry semi-detached in a sprawling estate, with a broken front fence and an overgrown lawn.’
    • ‘Whether it is the drawing room of a grand mansion or the front room of a humble semi-detached, the fire and its heat will draw attention.’
    • ‘Home was a semi-detached in Preston and he went to Ribbleton Hall high school.’
    • ‘‘I moved from an idyllic place in the country to a semi-detached in Poole, Dorset, which is very built up,’ he said.’
    • ‘The four-bed semi-detached at number 66 is an ideal family home.’
    • ‘One delighted couple told today how they had just sold their three-bedroom semi-detached for £10,000 more than they had paid for it.’
    • ‘It could get you a six-bedroom semi-detached in the leafy Glasgow suburb of Jordanhill, or ten 1984 Ferrari Mondials.’
    • ‘The large semi-detached is to undergo major alterations and a makeover so that youngsters can have somewhere to meet apart from street corners.’
    • ‘At first, we had to rent accommodation; a neat semi-detached with attached garage.’
    • ‘Sounds much bigger than a three-bedroom semi-detached, doesn't it?’
    • ‘But you don't pay the bill for your semi-detached on your Barclaycard.’
    • ‘The family moved opposite to me in a modest semi-detached, and they soon became the closest thing to celebrity in our neck of the woods.’
    • ‘Does he think she's as eager to get back to his semi-detached as he?’
    • ‘All seven live together in a Birmingham semi-detached and life goes on…’
    • ‘Last January you would have been looking at £130,000 for a three bedroomed semi-detached in town.’