Meaning of semi-pro in English:


Pronunciation /sɛmɪˈprəʊ/


  • Receiving payment for an activity but not relying entirely on it for a living; semi-professional.

    • ‘they played an exhibition game against a local semi-pro team’
    • ‘I have some friends from high school who are beautiful semi-pro dancers.’
    • ‘He added: ‘The top drivers can look at going professional or semi-pro.’’
    • ‘One team from the bottom division is actually cast out of professional football into what we would call semi-pro status.’
    • ‘Those players would then be distributed evenly among the franchises to play alongside semi-pro players on realistic salaries.’
    • ‘Only the other week you had a former Grand Slam captain saying we should be semi-pro.’
    • ‘There are certainly a number of amateur community theatre companies in and around Calgary that take advantage of their actors, but The Shakespeare Company - one of Calgary's proudest semi-pro groups - is not one of them.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, you have semi-pro club sides with meaningful competition week in, week out, providing a pool for the provinces.’
    • ‘Most ‘policy directions’ seem to be from-the-hip, ad hoc pronouncements from the handful of semi-pro party leaders who have some particular axe to grind.’
    • ‘My maternal grandfather pitched semi-pro, a fact that likely explained why my mother allowed me to cut school twice a year, no questions asked: Opening Day and for any seventh game of a World Series.’
    • ‘The semi-pro outfit looked to be coasting to victory after leading 3-1 midway into the second half, but West Lancs side Eagley pulled the scores level.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Saskia's family are thought to be trying to persuade the semi-pro footballer that she is just playing games with Maxwell and their relationship isn't serious..’
    • ‘The Premier One clubs want to be at the heart of player development and they want a place in Europe, both of which they need to earn, and they will only do that when they vote in favour of an eight-team semi-pro league.’
    • ‘He compères these evenings on what appears to be a semi-pro basis: he is doing 63 of them this season for cub troops all over the Washington suburbs, and has to be booked months in advance.’
    • ‘‘They play semi-pro lacrosse in the States,’ Houston observes.’
    • ‘His remit is to to produce a winning side, and as a semi-pro coach he is even prepared to temporarily compromise on Watsonians' tradition of free-flowing rugby to achieve that aim.’
    • ‘If all goes well I should have enough cash in my piggy bank by Christmas to buy a high-end semi-pro Nikon, my current selection among the bewildering range of digital cameras.’
    • ‘Julie is currently playing in Norway with semi-pro side Skeid and for the past few seasons has been a member of the all conquering Shamrock Rovers squad of Dublin.’
    • ‘The league is considered semi-pro, with some teams, like the championship squad of local Grenadians, displaying scary skills.’
    • ‘He signed apprentice forms for Bradford Northern and received £150 as a signing-on fee a year later when he turned semi-pro.’
    • ‘This expansion means that should the opportunity arise again, Newbridge will have a semi-pro soccer team to call its own.’

nounplural noun semi-pros

  • A person who is engaged in an activity on a semi-professional basis.

    • ‘most photographers aren't pros, they aren't even semi-pros’


Early 20th century short for semi-professional.